Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Friendship, we gots it.

If you're anything like us, you might describe friendship as David Bowie.

Or obsessively following our favorite football team to our nation's capitol (note: not the same as "capital" - whodda thunk?) for an absolutely unimportant game

Or taking a swig of cider every time R. Kelly swears or pulls out, points or shoots a gun in his acclaimed Hip Hopera, Trapped in the Closet on a perfectly normal Saturday afternoon in Alexandria, VA

Or risking wind burn while bundled at a chilly fall football game, spicing up hot chocolate with smuggled whipped cream vodka. What else are emptied out B12 vitamin bottles good for anyways? I happen to believe in recycling.

Or, if you lean a little more towards, let's say.. normal humans, you might describe friendship as a few souls separated after years at each other's sides during some pretty influential and fuzzy years, sprinkled over the continental U.S.

It's those souls never forgetting how they are bound, coming together 

despite the miles, despite coming from school and service programs and the ever moving business world

It's making time, and it's belly laughs, it's simply getting each other without having to try

It is effortless.

And I couldn't be more grateful that these people exist, even though corn fields and deserts separate me from one, while the state of Ohio separates me from the other (I know - obstacles.)

SEK <3

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