Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fireworks in the living room!

Listening to Mykonos, Fleet Foxes 

So tomorrow is a somewhat colossal day for me. Details on that, I hope to share soon. In the meantime, prayers and e-kisses will be kindly accepted. Much apreesh!

Rather than focusing on big scary exciting times, I decided to plan our future living room for the apartment we don't yet live in (and haven't even found.) Why? Instead I ask you ... Why not?

I've never made one of these funky mood boards yet so don't laugh at my feeble attempt. Instead, marvel at the glory that is the Fireworks Rug from Anthropologie, currently doing a fab job tying this little snazz room together.

I think Momma Wuerd would be pretty for serious proud of my decorating chops right now.

Fireworks Rug - Anthropologie 
Merritt Trunk - Pottery Barn 
Needlework Garden Shade - Anthropologie 
Merritt Bench - Pottery Barn 
Sleeper Sofa - Pottery Barn 
Armchair - Macy's
Toss pillow - Target 
Maskros Pendant Lamp - Ikea 
Colossal Dots Curtain - Anthropologie 

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