Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sun through the storm clouds on Sheffield & Addison

Here's a picture for you: Laying in my bed, watching baseball (the Braves are on ESPN tonight, mercy!), and I'm about to blog... about baseball. When did I become a 60 year old man? Do I really associate baseball this closely with summer? Because I can tell you, I'm excited for summer. Excited enough to run up a bustling Southport today on my bum ankle, then enjoy a beer and some painting on my deck. I'm talking about Bliss here, people.

But more on the painting later. In the meantime...

We baseball here. 

John scored us tickets for Saturday's game, and while the weather wasn't perfect, it was amazing to get a little preview of summertime livin'. We started our day out at Red Ivy, and I challenge somebody on Clark St to have a better $4 bloody mary. For realsies. 

But honestly, the reason this post is worth my time, is the following. Drum... roll... please.... 


Pure caloric, bison-doggy-deliciousness. I had almost as much fun building this masterpiece as I did consuming it (ALMOST.) 

And to top it all off, we had some pretty serious seats. 

No worries, those are just some old dudes playin' some brass. 

I just love the feeling of being back in a baseball stadium. It reminds me of family, and of home. 

What's your favorite summertime activity? What is it about summertime that makes you feel like you're truly home?

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