Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Like a cake, Except Mini

I am completely in love with the following.

Are you sick of wedding talk yet? We're just getting started!

Cupcakes are not only total eye candy (eye cake, perhaps?), but they are actually much more affordable than their traditional buttercream-and-fondant-tiered cousins. PLUS can you say variety? If you are like me and have a hard time making up your mind about very crucial decisions...

 such as, "but will my guests like red velvet or fun-feti?!"

Cupcakes help you do it all. Even though they sometimes seem intrusive and scary with their many mini-cake selves taking over the place 

But in reality, they are very friendly confections 

And oftentimes every bit as elegant as ginormo wedding cakes, without being all, "look at me and my stuffy expensive self"

So, what say you? Do you prefer cupcake magic or are you more a fancy princess big cake type of person? Or no cake at all? Many folks these days ditch the whole cake business largely due to expense, but so far in my experience cupcakes allow you to have your sugary dreams without offending your wallet.

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