Friday, January 13, 2012

One Year Down

So. We have been engaged for a year now.

And yes, I know this post would have been way cooler had I written it on January 10th... Apologies.

So I thought I'd update the interwebs on my wedding journey.

What, you thought we were still drinking champagne and screaming "WE'RE ENGAGED!!!" over and over?

Come on, y'all. That was the first 12 months. This is month 13, and it's seriousface time.

So now that my this wedding has taken up residence in my brain and created a tornado house to live in, let me share some tidbits of bridely banter.

[a little less than] 5 months to go

My general reaction to any sort of wedding stress or disagreements is actually to just start screaming. Like, scream talking. I recognize this is not exactly an effective way to communicate.

Men's suits are possibly the most complicated, unexpected source of stress in the universe. Do they just rent so I take the unknown factors out of things? Do I trust them to buy a suit or use one they already own? Is trusting men with fashion even remotely intelligent? Any wise souls out there have advice for me? I beg of you!!

Dear Pinterest: I love you, but not everyone is getting hitched in a barn where guests will sip casually from mason jars. Mason jars. Mason jars. WE GET IT!!!

According to, it's time to start my "beauty regimen." Um, come again? I have to make myself beautiful like, now?

Ugh. South Beach Diet Phase 1, here I come. Goodbye, bread & fruit. Hello, wedding dress whose size is slightly inappropriate because I fibbed about to the bridal salon.

Tomato, tomahto.

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