Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Tights & City Lights

Today I am really grateful that I pushed myself into an outdoor run last night.

It didn't really hurt that these bad boys were patiently awaiting me when I got home.

My first ever lulu lemon purchase, and let me just say: Oh Baby. 

Don't get me wrong, I have heard the drooly murmurings from those lulu lemon owners I have come into contact with in the past. But, it just seemed too good to be true. I mean really, $68 for a fancy pair of leggings? As if, said the gym novice version of myself. The truth is, shorts are OK for summertime, but they get really annoying during the winter (read: who wants to shave her legs? We have to take the few perks that Chicago winters afford us.) I of course own my fair share of $12 Target leggings, and while I would never say an ill word about any such sensible purchase, I'm not sure I want the entire gym nor every person in Millenium Park to see my aqua blue undies through my leggings. 

Enter, the lulu lemon Wonder Under. They were advertised as "like a second skin". At this, I scoffed. Please. It's a legging. False! It's a dream. So bendy. So weightless. Yet snug enough to make a girl feel... enough structure to feel clothed :) 

I was really excited when I slipped these tighties on, and then, once I had snuggled into my new, slightly outrageous purchase, I remembered why I bought them. Not just because I am a hard working lady who deserves the quiet comfort of a sharp pair of athleticwear. But also because I have read numerous studies pointing out that owning work out clothes that make you feel good are more likely to support a working out habit. Fancy that! 

Instead of working out intermittently, I'd really like to develop a healthier, more intimate relationship with sweat, cardio and dumbbells. So, Wonder Under I purchased. And once I had them on, I knew I had no excuse not to put them to the test. 

Verdict? They were a dream -- almost as dreamy as the little run I had. 

I stopped for a moment to capture a slice of Chicago skyline through the spooky Octobery trees in Millenium Park. 

The temperature was more than I could ask for - 60's, a little breezy. I certainly was not the only person taking advantage, and it felt nice to be in the comfort of many other runners, bikers and aspiring athletes sporting their new work out gear.

Looking towards Navy Pier on the lake front path. 

I know some people are crazy about running - this, I have never understood. I kind of hope I will understand that some day. But for now, I am just a girl running a little less than 2 miles in her sassy new work out crops, feeling lucky and blessed to be huffing and puffing with this beautiful city as a backdrop. 

Today when I feel frustrated or stressed I will remind myself how invigorating and peaceful the city lights seemed against the dark lake as I breezed by, feeling like I was going so fast. It was nice to be outside. I know I will miss that soon enough.

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