Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Pizza Party

Yesterday was an especially pleasant day - I was told twice that I looked very nice, which was a double score considering my outfit was extremely comfy. Also ended the work day with some serious belly laughs as the co-workers and I took part in some hilarious filming for some interviews we're conducting.

But above all, today, I am grateful for the pizza & pumpkin carving contest JC & I had last night.

We ordered a delicious take & bake from Homemade Pizza Co. It was superb - whole wheat crust veggie pie, barbeque chicken on his side, spinach on her side. As I've mentioned before, I normally steer clear of traditional pizza, not because I'm a fun-hater, but because I don't LOVE it enough to justify the way it makes me feel. Not the case with a "real" pizza - one made from simple ingredients, with a whole wheat crust. This one really hit the spot. I just wish they delivered to our house! 

After picking up the pizza, we headed to Mariano's to pick out our pumpkins for our first annual carving contest. 

We really took it seriously. There was even a Halloween soundtrack to accompany our carving.

We cut open all of those paper grocery bags that John insists we keep in the crevice between the counter and the wall (I am guessing he does that for occasions like this one.) We spread them on the floor and we (read: I) still managed to make a pretty serious mess. 

But the result was impressive if I do say so -  I felt pretty proud of my owl...

And JC's Frankenstein is lookin' pretty surly ... 

I really thought there would be a clear winner, but I just love both of our squash faces.

You can even see them from across the street - look in the window! 

Owlman is steaming up the window :) 

It was one of those nights when I truly felt all was well in the world - sometimes, it is easy to become frustrated or grumpy with our loved ones, especially the ones we live with. But tonight was one of those times when I was 100% ecstatic to be having a mid-week night in with my guy, and I wouldn't have spent it with anyone else. 

After the festivities we finished a movie we had started last night, and of course I had some pumpkin ice cream to go along with it because truly, when it comes to all things pumpkin, go big or go home. We went big. And it was honestly such a perfect evening. 

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