Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An ode to my old 'hood

Since today is obviously MOVING DAY (phase one), I thought my previous neighborhood deserved a little love. I love where I've spent the last year, and I love it in a completely different way from the love that I have for the new digs.

I guess when it comes to Chicago neighborhoods, I am not exactly monogamous...

So this isn't goodbye... it's just see you later, and maybe less frequently, because I can no longer throw a rock at you.

For anyone residing in the west lakeview area, here are my gems I keep nestled next to my heart!

For sushi (my favorite meal of course): Ukai 

Food is amazing, price is right, and its BYOB. I accept.

For Mexican: Mi Tierra 

Touting the town's tastiest (and most reasonably priced) margaritas, this joint is my dude's favorite spot in all of Chicago. Classy. Also they might have the fastest chip-and-salsa-replacement service on record. It kind of reminds us of Disneyworld in there. Take from that what you will.

For hanging out: Sheffield's

Aside from having the most wicked John Daly a human could ask for, this place never disappoints. And let's not get started on the beer garden for summertime, and roaring fireplace for 9 months of winter. 

For breakfast: Ann Sather 

I love it. I know I am the only one who loves it. But their cinnamon rolls are so good, I hardly even mind that the waiters always miss my coffee cup when they try to pour. Close runners-up: Clarke's on Belmont & Great American Bagel. 

For acquiring booze: Bel-Port Liquors 

You might be wondering why this place won, but probably not. They have a birdfriend greeter named Sasha who is free to roam over guests' shoulders. Can that be beat? Get real.

(Close runner-up for classier evenings: Galleria on Southport. My pony-tailed friend there never judges my obscure requests, and instead offers me tiny-sized samplings of wines I he recommends.)

Southport offers an endless amount of fine establishments I have long intended to try, but since I was often too busy keeping Ukai in business I didn't get to test drive all of the spots I'd like. Though I'm retiring my status as a west lakeview resident, I will most certainly be back to my old stomping grounds because quite frankly I can't live without these amazing gems!

What do you think makes a great local spot? Discuss.

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