Monday, July 11, 2011

A Crowdeman Place!


Outside our funky new front door.

Eeeeee I am just bursting with excitement about this post, it's hard to pick a place to start! 

My 13 readers will recall my hopeful anticipatory post about the dream home we have been hoping to call OUR home for the past month. Or more.

Now I don't want to give too many visual morsels away because our buds haven't even checked out our pad yet and I wouldn't want to spoil any potential surprises. But because I love you stalkers, I'll give you a li'l something.

We fell in love with a ginormo studio that currently looks a little something like this: 

That is the view from the kitchen. (And I believe that is Johnnycakes practicing his jumping capabilities, testing out the space for his Insanity workouts.) The space extends quite a bit to the right and left of the photo.

 It's probably hard to tell what the sam hill is happening in this space, except you can tell it is cowabunga big. To help you out, it will soon like like thees:

You are probably wondering what a sexy bath is, and whether our bathrooms are in fact sexy. They are. I love. And you will just have to wait to see.

So how will studioland turn into homey, divided luxury city? The reason this whole process has taken so incredulously long is because we've been back and forth with management about the construction renovation project which will procure our home with bedroom walls and sliding glass bedroom doors. Spicy.

When will that be? That's another story. Less than a month, hopefully sooner. Fingers crossed! But the space itself, the final product, and the awesome deal we're getting on this lovely place is fantastic. Lucky sons o guns.

Alrighty so I snapped more pics of the inside but for the purposes of cliffhanger creation I am going to hold those hostage for now. 

One thing I can't help but share NOW, however, is the situation on the roof. 

Outdoor grill/dining/happy times section! John looks good up there.

Cozy spot for us two lovebirds.


I can't really begin to describe how grateful and excited I am to have found this amazing place, and to be moving in with J. Crow for the first time! 

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