Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goods for the home ... Home's Good!

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So I am not one for counting chickens before they hatch, but I'm about to absolutely burst with glee and excitement about the happy place that is our prospective first place together.

See, right now, our maybe-new-home is actually a ginormo studio within a high rise. Aside from all of the amenities that come with high rise livin', I'm especially stoked to be living so much closer to work, while simultaneously being situated between so many forms of public transit. It will be easy to have our happy home in the city, and have all of our buddies just a hop skip & jump away at all times.

Anywho, back to the studio situation - they are building walls (soon I am told) to turn this into a 2 bed 2 bath type o' home, as you can see here:

Yes, those are a couple of sexy baths. Be jeal. Sorry the pic is a wee bit darkish (Click to see larger!)

So should all of this dreaminess come to fruition, our move will approach quickly. All of this upheaval and excitement has me in nothing short of full-on decorating mode, of course! 

This brings me to my weekend discovery: the new HomeGoods in River North!

This money pit of decorative glory just opened its doors Sunday, and after having brunch with John's parents right next door, I knew it was my destiny to stake this place out. I suppose my expectations were not soaringly high as the HomeGoods of the suburbs that I'm used to have been a little... how do we say... janky? In my experience. 

I must say this was not the HomeGoods I remember, no-sir-ee. Accent furniture! Rugs! Artwork! Bathrooms galore! Truth be told, it's a miracle I walked out empty handed. 

A few pieces of inspiration:

This was a huge canvas that I think could be incorporated into that enormous dining/living area. John needs a little help with his feminine side, so maybe something like this little number would help him better enjoy the florals. 

This guy was about waist height, and seemed perfect for a bathroom (excuse me, sexy bath.) The inside had lots of shelfage going on. I lurve the idea of cool colors in a bath, just seems to fit. John has let me know that antiquey-ness in bathrooms makes him feel dirty...

It's a work in progress.

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