Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Thursday, and I'm slap happy.

listening to little secrets passion pit

I need every lurker out there to stop what you are doing and watch this GD video.

Do me a favor, though, and watch it with the sound off. Yes, muted. Allow me to enlighten you.

Today, in the midst of a long (albeit fun) day of training our new hires, I found this link and thought its title looked pretty tantalizing. Public falls? I'm in. But, not wanting to cause a huge hubbub despite the fact that we had taken a break, I decided to take a sneak preview without the sound.

The result, I had to get up and walk away. I was giggling too hard.

Maybe the hilarity struck me in a moment of delirium, but there are few things in life I value more than side splitting laughter in the middle of a chaotic day. 

I think the lack of sound (at least for your first time around) makes it so ridiculous as you're trying to come up with your own dialogue to match the images. Either that's the truth, or my brain is just a really funny place.

Try out my experiment and let me know if you enjoyed this the way I did. If so, we should be frands!

Happy almost-Friday, folks. 

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