Thursday, June 30, 2011

Running Buddies

So last week I let you guys in on my running adventure I recently embarked on.

This week, this is what I'm workin' on.

Movin' up in the world. 

I'm still really enjoying this program, and after this week I'll already be a third of the way through the program! I'm finding it challenging and I definitely work up a serious nastiness sweat during the run because I'm taking it fast (the "jog" is more like a "run" for me.) But, it isn't SO excruciating that I dread tying up my running shoes. 

As endorphine-high as I am after a run, there are a couple of gadgety toys that have become staples during my regular runs. Thought I would share these guys, because I wouldn't look forward to my workouts nearly as much without these buddies. 

First, my new BFF:

Meet my gymboss, in his sassy green glory.

As a lady with a shortish attention span, I really enjoy my speed walk/run intervals. My gymboss gadget is awesome for this. I can set up my intervals and set this guy to vibrate, hook him to my bra strap, and it'll buzz me when it's time to move on to the next interval. No timing myself. And only $20 on the interwebz. Magic! 

Up next: 

Girl Talk. Creepy photo, but trust this lurker. He is a music mashup god man.

Most of you have probably heard Girl Talk, but I seriously run strictly with Girl Talk. Not even Today's Hip Hop on Pandora can compete, because with GT, there's no chance that Usher will decide to bring it down with a slow jam. 

And finally, a place to keep my toys ...

Sexiness, I know.

So, what are your can't-live-without workout tools?? Let's hear 'em. 

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