Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weds-Day: Tangerine & Celery

Since our wedding is still 11 months away (!!!), I don't have a crystal clear picture of what the big shindig will look like. But, I have an over-arching atmospherical snapshot in my mind.... and I think that starts with ...

Our colors! So I thought I would share a little bit of inspiration that will likely sculpt the color-punch party we hope to have next June.

When John & I were first betrothed, I acquired this excellent book from a dear pal of mine as a gift. In it, there are many, many color scheme options, but this was one of the pages that spoke to me:

And then it dawned on me - I have been partial to these summery happy hues for quite some time!

I wake up to this bright situation every morning:

My junior prom dress was lime-ish, and my senior prom dress was tangerine-y. A match made in heaven? I think yes!

Yes, you might know these colors as GREEN and ORANGE as many a friend and loved one have so poignantly pointed out to me, but tangerine and celery make me feel fancy. So we're goin' with it.

A splash of tangerine

A touch of celery

Put them together & you get ... tangerine & celery!

Citrusy summertime fun.


Pray tell, what are your dream wedding colors? Whatcha think's best for a June festive wedding?

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  1. Colors should be amazing for a summertime wedding bash, I can't wait! Also...they're making me hungry.