Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weds-Day: A year from today ...

A year from today, I will be waking up on my wedding day.

It's a cool feeling, and a wild one. I've found my teammate, my partner in this life. He's fun, I like him, and I think I'll keep him around for a while. And we have a scary amount of fun together, doing lots of stuff, and also nothing at all.

Also doesn't hurt that he's the best around (thanks, Joe Esposito.)

Exhibit A: 

That's right. Flowers (and orange ones, to match wedding colors, to boot!) on our minus one anniversary? I would say this future marriage is already off to a fab start.

One of the main reasons I created this space was to house my steps, the journey, and all of the fun times during the wedding planning era of my life.  I think Wednesdays are perfect for this (Weds-days, ha!) 

Next up (and finally), the engagement story. See ya next Weds-day!

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