Friday, July 8, 2011

Weds-Day: Will you be my bridesmug?

*So I owe all of you party peeps a very serious apology. It's been a crazy hectic week, and I can't wait to tell you about why! Maybe as a special little "forgive me" gift, I'll try to explain in a second post today. Until then, I just can't skip Weds-Day this week ... so even though it is now Friday, heres you go!

I'm in a very bride-type mood this week, likely because I am currently counting down the days (now hours!) until I get to jet to upstate NY for my wonderful cousin's bridal shower this coming Saturday!! I am proud to be a bridesmaid in my cuzzy's wedding this October.

And in the true spirit of bridesmaids ... I want to talk about mine, now that I've finally rounded all of them up and asked them to be my leading ladies!

Specifically, let's chat about the little gifties I used to ask the girls to be my 'maids. I thought a preemptive "thank you" was in order, because I know how 'spensive these things are in the end. Also I just downright appreciate the love and support these people have shown John & I as a couple, and all kinds of mushy things of that sort.

So I gave all 7 of them one of my love bundles: 

I hope the tangerine and celery theme was not lost on you educated readers. Also note the checkered shamrock guy!

Special little nugz.

The content was a pimped out koozie that I ordered from Deerpath Designs, a lovely curator of cute gifties whom I discovered on Etsy.

Clearly I needed one for meself. 


So there is my contribution to the creative "Will you be my bridesmaid?" world. 

You like?  

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