Monday, August 8, 2011

Music Monday: Lollapalooza Time Machine

Happy Monday friends, family, strangers & stalkers!

For me, this is kind of like Tuesday, because my team is now training on Sundays. How fun is that? About as fun as it sounds.

This weekend was mostly awesome with some pepperings of horrendous and obnoxious. I am talking of course about Lollapalooza-goers screwing up my schedule and taking over my 'hood with their shredded hippie tunics and war paint. Seriously, what's with the war paint. I don't get it. I waited 15 minutes for a southbound red line. Once on that red line, I had the unique privilege of listening to underage festival freaks ask each other, "Do you feel anything yet??" while filling my nostrils with pungent bathing suit concert sweat.


As discouraging as these encounters always are, I am a little sad that I missed this year's lolla. I think a little known fact about me is how much I love music, and how, as my fiance would say, I'm a little bit of a hippie. It's true. As a high school version of myself I spent all my spare change on concerts in Atlanta. It was awesome, and I miss it, and resent the fact that life gets in the way these days.

All of that being said, there weren't any acts at Lolla this year that I totally couldn't live without seeing (sorry Eminem.) I would have liked to check out MMJ & Two Door Cinema Club, but frankly it wasn't worth the price tag nor sweat smells.

Instead, I thought it would be fun to create my own little Lolla time machine, and visit all of the acts from years past that I'm bummed I missed and wish I could have seen. Let's get this party started.

2006: Death Cab for Cutie

I always love these guys live. They are probably my #2 most seen band next to Modest Mouse, but it doesn't get old. 2006 was right when these dudes were on the cusp of discovery as well, so it would have been awesome to see them one more time in (what I believe was) their prime.

(Runners Up: Broken Social Scene, Ryan Adams, My Morning Jacket, Matisyahu, Umphrey's McGee)

2007 - TIE: Modest Mouse & Tokyo Police Club

Enough said. I can't possibly be asked to choose between these two Godsends. Modest Mouse has the slight edge due to my obsession with every Isaac Brock brainchild, but I've never seen TPC, so, tie I say.

(Runners Up: Snow Patrol, Interpol, moe.)

I would shell out some serious cash to see my dudes in action, not to mention in my city. It breaks my musical heart that I've never been able to see them, so I hope (oh, I hope) they will come back to visit me. 

(Runners up: G. Love & Special Sauce, The John Butler Trio, Iron & Wine, Explosions in the Sky, Broken Social Scene, Wilco ... Man I would love my time machine right about now!)

(Runners up: Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, Ke$ha)

As for 2010, I was in attendance and Phoenix took my #1 pick (no, not Arcade Fire, enough already.) Lady Gaga was a shocking (and trippy bordering on cracked out) second. 

Here's to hoping that Lolla 2012 looks anything like 2006 - 2009, because those years were for realsies.

Lolla goers - what was your favorite act this year?

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