Thursday, August 11, 2011

The walls are alive!!!

This is a ginormo week for us if you've been keeping tabs on our love nest situation. After barking up more trees than I care to count and many, many a sassypants email to our property manager, I walked in to our apartment to THIS the other day:

Those steely beams might not exude excitement at first blush, but they are the makings of dividing bedroom walls, advancing us one step closer towards having a real homey two bed two bath killer pad.

In the meantime though, I am just too much of a nester to settle for apartment chaos and the waiting game. Therefore, we dove right in with the pieces of our apartment that we can actually control - kitchen, kitchen, kitchen!

Here's a little glimpse. After a massive Target trip, it's starting to come together.

Side note: I spy with my little eye a wine problem. I'm ok with it. 

I'm really loving the RED all up in our kitchen. We even sprang for this festive silverware (Actually not the same but you get the gist):

But aside from looking fly, our kitchen has already become home to tasty concoctions and Crowdeman dinners together.

His & hers from earlier this week:

His: Sirloin steak & plain baked potato with butter. I'm not kidding, that's all this guy eats, and he's perfectly content with that. I'm considering an intervention.

Hers: Broiled wild Atlantic salmon, veggie kabob, & small sweet potato smothered with almond butter and cinnamon. MMM!

After bouncing around from state to state for the longer part of two weeks, it's amazeballz to have a great kitchen laboratory to help me get back on track. More on that tomorrow.

What do you guys think of the makings of our new home??

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