Monday, August 15, 2011

Things to sit on

... and other cool cozy stuff!

First off, thanks to my lovely readers who left me comments on last night's post! I love updating my little blog but it's so much more fun for me when you guys join in.

JC & I made big strides in the making-house-a-home department this past weekend, and I wish all of our new pieces could just appear in our living room. But instead, we wait.

Where I last left off, we were here: 

It was progress, but far from cozy. 

Since then we have drywall & paint (!!!!), and are just waiting on the doors (which are going to be amazeballz apparently!) I'm planning a "before and after" post recapping the construction progress, but until then, we've focused on filling up our now empty (except for the lovely bar, a John Crowder original - not to be discounted in the least) living room. 

A peek at the loot we made off with: 

Remo sofa from Macy's in coffee. Pic doesn't do this thing justice - it's really a sort of light olive.

And a blurry JC looks pretty sassy-good on it in the Macy's showroom.

Paige ottoman, also from Macy's. We'll be using this as a coffee table with a nice tray situation for bevvys and such. Love that it functions as extra seating and storage. In the words of Debra the Macy's show room lady, "Practical."

We ran home with a pillow from the sofa, just to make sure it would look as fly as I was imagining with the brilliantly amazing Fireworks Rug (which I now own - BOOYA!). I think it goes quite well, with similar bursts woven throughout. 

Some other treats, fresh out the Zipcar trunk: 

Really classic console table for behind our couch - plus a bit of extra storage. From HomeGoods

Let there be LIGHT in our ill lit home! Two of these floor lamps.

I'm flat out amazed at how much of a difference the lighting makes, particularly the massive floor lamps. Our living area has gone from cavern of confusion to cozy empty partytown.

Also waiting on the delivery of this classy item from the Barn of Pottery: 


How cozy/old are we?? I can't wait to put it all together and show yous guyz. 

What's your favorite room to deck out? What makes a room awesome?

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