Monday, February 13, 2012

Be My "Gal"entine

I am feeling a little on the uncreative side today. 

Luckily I recalled an exciting event from last week - I got a gchat from Emily asking if I had any plans for "Gal"entine's Day, and whether I would be her date. 

Flattery gets you pretty far in life and while I wanted to accept immediately, I had to admit I didn't know what in the samhill she was talking about. 

I should have known about this already considering my fiance is a full-fledged "Parks & Recreation"guru, but Galentine's Day is celebrated the day before February 14th by -- you guessed it -- gal friends. 

Despite the fact that this is a new concept for me. I'm already overwhelmingly in support. Especially since JC & I celebrated our little V-day last night (MELTING POT!!) since he travels during the week. 

So what will our Galentine's Day entail? Eating (obviously), wine (Come on), and... 


When we thought up this idea I of course went running straight for I mean, where else can you find recipes for hot chocolate with marshmallows that have heart cut-outs? Good ol' Martha had over 50 "last minute" ideas for me. 

Among my favorites: 

Valentine Hands. Awesome. 

Easy, cutesy heart cookies. Do I see candy buttons on there? I could really go for a candy button.

Valentiney home decor - conversation hearts in a vase. 

HELL, Martha can even create rose patterns from LETTUCE. I don't know how that works. I'm not sure I want to know. I feel like I will get sucked into a rabbit hole of crafting.

How will you gals celebrate Galentine's Day? Don't have plans? Make some!! Seize any excuse to drink wine and make crafts, that's what I always say. 

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