Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sugar Brain

In honor of my heartburn and the fact that I ate a homemade red velvet whoopie pie at 8:45am this morning, I thought we could talk about the most magical part of today. 

And also the most upsetting. Valentine's Day... FOOD.

It's so delicious, and pretty. 

And evil with its tempting ways.

This is not an actual picture of the red velvet whoopie pie I consumed this morning because frankly I was too busy shoveling it into my face.

Currently a "bake off" is going down in the kitchen at my office. What does that mean for me & my bridal waistline? It means oodles upon oodles of sugary treats competing for my affection and up for the taking. 

Did you know that red velvet could take on so many forms?


Cake Ballz



And, of course, the classic, the original, perfect cupcake 

It's pure insanity, is it not?! 

I have one more tidbit before I pass into a sugar coma for the day. Unrelated to food. I received not one but TWO special love bouquets from my Valentine. This is the part where I brag about my dude. 

Love you JC! 

And now, back to my real valentine ....

I'm hopeless.

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