Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Even the coldest days

Have you ever heard of those month-long photo challenges? 

I saw on twitter this morning that a friend of mine is embarking on a February photo challenge, meaning she will post a photo from the day, every single day for these 29 days of February.

Confession: I had to glance at my calendar to figure out how many days are in February this year. Does that mean it's a leap year?

Anyway! I will be posting a photo (or collage of photos) every single day this month, hopefully with a little theme each day.

Today's theme is "Even the coldest days." Sap-fest alert.

 John & I went ice skating in Millennium Park this weekend. His idea, and I have to admit I wasn't toooo stoked at first. Being outside more than is humanly necessary to function is not an activity I particularly enjoy in Chicago winter months. But, every single time the ice skating topic came up, JC gave me his blue-eyed puppy dog look - he's an eskimo, so I relented.

I even watched "Blades of Glory" the night before to pump myself up. Contemplated buying a leotard. I was ready.

Verdict? It was kinda cold. We also weren't the only people with the idea on a Sunday afternoon - I thought I might lose my life, or crush John's hand in the process of NOT falling with my death clutch. And there were plenty of 8 year olds who zoomed by me and made me feel like their 8 years on planet earth were 10 times as productive as my 24.

BUT! I didn't fall. And JC held my hand the whole time. And we watched the zamboni smooth out the ice and got Starbucks together afterwards.

Good Sunday.

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