Monday, February 6, 2012

Coffee is Love-ly

So. I can understand why it might seem kind of like I lied. 

BUT I promise I actually do have photos from the weekend that I am planning to share, along with their significance. So pretty please bear with me as I get in the habit of regular postage. 

Onto today. After a very, VERY busy wedding-packed weekend (more on this to come!), which included a few too many Super Bowl goodies (we will not speak of this part again), I woke up this morning to the beginning of a new week. Which means, the Palace Crowdeman has just one girly inhabitant for the next few nights. 


I'm still getting the hang of JC's new travel schedule, and while the alone time is actually kind of refreshing, the first day is always a little lonely. So when I rolled into Starbucks this morning looking for a morning pickmeup, a pickmeup I received. 

Valentine's Day Cups!! Since when is this a thing?? 

I don't know, but I love it. And I love that I had healthy chocolate oatmeal for breakfast. And I love that I have salad & garbage Bravo programming with girlfriend Megan to look forward to tonight. 

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