Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Summoning Spring

On Thursday of last week, this GD chubby gopher did not see his shadow. 

Jerk. On Friday of last week, I decided to protest his prediction that spring will hold out on us for 6 more weeks by wearing...


My fanciest green springy skirt. I am trying to coax spring to come hang out for a while. It seems to be working so far. 

It turns out I am not the only person who's feeling the spring skirt look. This flowery gem actually attracted many comments in the office. 

I took that to mean they dug it, but in hindsight maybe they just forgot what a skirt looks like on an actual person since we haven't seen that in half a year. Either way, I love me a festive skirt - comfortable, fun, slightly intrusive on the eyeballs with color splash. 

Don't you agree?

I mean... what's not to love?

Are we feeling springy yet??

What warm weather looks are you itching to flaunt? Anybody else not letting the lame month o' February hold y'all back?

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